Hello, you may have already noticed and wondered a little what happened here. We have been working hard on a major update for Motosha over the past few months. Since the old website was very slow and used outdated technology, we decided to redesign everything for you to improve your experience on motosha.

What does that mean for you now?

Now unfortunately you have to register again because we were not able to transfer the old user accounts to the new version of motosha. But I promise you it will be worth it!

Many new (and old) features waiting for you!

  • Free Photos
  • Premium Photos
  • Lightning fast loading times
  • Feeds
  • Better Categories
  • Better Collections
  • Comment and like System!
  • Improved mobile optimizations

In the future we want to allow other photographers and designers to offer photos on Motosha for free and premium download, this feature is still in a test phase but will come at some point.

I wish you a nice day and, as always, would be happy to receive your feedback!