Here I would like to make a small appeal to everyone who is on the Internet. Nulled websites are a disaster for every developer and people who run these sites are criminal rip-offs who only have in mind to earn easy money without doing anything for it.

I can’t hear the excuses any more either. Yes, I only downloaded it to test it in advance. Oooooh the software actually costs money, yes I didn’t know that, I’m very sorry.

Everyone who downloads “nulled” software should realise that they are supporting thieves and especially harming small businesses.

Of course, many people wouldn’t install the software anyway if they couldn’t download it for free, but the damage to small developers is gigantic. They are the ones who suffer the most from their software being distributed on piracy sites. Above all, you are harming yourselves by doing this, because less and less software will be developed that is not subscription-based.

Put yourselves in the position of the small developers, you have an idea, you put a lot of work into developing a good product and then someone takes your work and offers it at an unbeatable price, namely for 0$ and this person does not only do this with your product, no, he does it with everything he finds and lives off the advertising revenue.

Do you actually know how these people get the software? It’s quite simple, for example with CodeCanyon it works like this, they buy the software, give you a bad rating with one star (thus harming you even more) and demand the money back, a little later the software can be found on various nulled websites scattered all over the world wide web.

We can also transfer this behaviour to reality, you have a stand where you sell apples at the market. Before that, you had to take care of your apple trees all year round, then harvest the apples, wash them and bring them to the market. Someone comes, takes your apples, opens a new stall right next to you and gives them away or sells them for a fraction of what you have to have than the person who did the work with them.

I’m sorry people but this is absolute shit and an outrage and I can only appeal to your humanity not to download from nulled websites.

I would even go so far as to say that someone who downloads from nulled websites would also eat cute little kittens.

To all those who download from nulled websites, I wish you to burn in hell!

To all of you who buy and have bought software, you are sweet, which you must be, because you spent your hard-earned money on it.