Building the best website play a great role in ensuring that all your web content is secure and accessible by many people. There are many different types of website you can build for your small business at absolutely free cost by just using your computer. In this article, I will personally guide you on why you need to build a website for your small business and also the best types of websites you can choose.


  • A website allows access for new visitors to visit your site who can view your products at any time.
  • Through the website, a small business owner can provide information which can guide the buyer like:
  • Phone number, the number of the store and email address to easily make contacts
  • The small business owner can provide information about opening hours.
  • Information about new products on the market
  • Information about the time events like promotional events take place
  • A website will also provide a platform where customers can ask any questions and leave comments about some products they have purchased and used.
  • A website also acts as a resume for your small business so investing on the best website will greatly help you build the confidence of your customers.


  • Email Function
  • Help & Support
  • Images & Templates
  • Social Media
  • Ease of use
  • Features

Now let’s start with The best free website builders in 2018


Hpage earns the first position in our list of the best website builders. The reason behind this is that with hpage website builder, you will get stunning and professional templates for your small business. This website builder comes with hundreds of colorful templates which are easy to customize and you have the chance to also change the templates any time you want.

With this website builder, you will comfortably add photos, sitemap to show where your business is located, a contact form to fill all your business details like phone numbers, a guest book and so much more. The best part of them all is that, with hpage website builder, you have the freedom to choose any domain name you want to use and you will get professional who will guide you on setting up your professional e-mail addresses that match with your custom domain name.

Hpage have also made sure that customer satisfaction is their first priority and for this reason, they have put in place a 24/7 system where you can contact them any time you need help and they will comfortably attend to your questions on time.

Top Features

  • Professional Top-Level-Domain
  • 5GB Storage Space
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Ad-Free
  • Most features of all tested providers!
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This is one of the commonly known website builders and most used by many small businesses.
With this website builder, there are no hidden costs involved during the construction of a new website.

There exist some Weebly website builders which business people incur some premiums to get them but they are not necessary for small businesses.

With the Weebly website builder, you can easily make the drag and drop interface.

Top Features

  • App Center
  • Domain & Email
  • Memberships
  • HTML/CSS control
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3. WIX

This is another easy to use interface which provides the users with so many free design templates to choose. With this website builder, you do not require special knowledge as you can comfortably make it in the comfort of your home as long as you have a computer. With this design, you get to choose the template you want to use and immediately the site will use the feature of drag and drop to make your first draft website in an easy format.

Top Features

  • Templates
  • Design Freedom
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Media Galleries
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With this type of a website builder, your small business will run smoothly as it has an unrivaled level of SEO which functions efficiently. With this website builder, your business will have huge organic traffic as the built bin search indicators will assist you to optimize your new website. All the themes here are well designed to give your web content an appealing look. You can comfortably make any changes you want using this website builder.

Top Features

  • SEO Booster
  • Social Media Integration
  • Local Listings
  • Photo & Video Galleries
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This website builder is commonly known for making very efficient mobile sites. The builder ensures that you will manage to interact with all your customers as it comes with a clear interface, a very intelligent social media interactive system and an already inbuilt analytics system. Your online customers will manage to interact with you freely on this free site, and your small business will sell at a very high rate.

Top Features

  • Fast Website Builder
  • Edit By Device
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor
  • Flexible Navigation
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This is one of the best website builders for small business especially if you are a beginner. This website builder comes with free design templates you can choose from, free analytics tools and also SEO which functions well to ensure that you will easily monitor how your site is performing concerning what your visitors search for and how long they stay on your website.

Top Features

  • WordPress
  • Thousands of custom plugins
  • Thousands of Themes
  • Google Apps
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This website builder is mostly designed specifically for those people who venture in businesses that deal with creative industries. This site comes with high-quality templates which are visually based. These templates mostly fit the photographers, writers and also musicals.

Top Features

  • Modern Templates
  • Built-in Mobile Websites
  • Custom CSS
  • Content Restore
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This is one simplest website builder tool you can find online and use to build your website for your small business. With this type of website builder, you can comfortably get your business going online and live as it contains all tools which are user-friendly. This website builder also contains basic e-commerce features which you can use for your website.

Top Features

  • Customizable Templates
  • Email address
  • Analytics
  • eCommerce
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With this type of website builder, all your profession works are sorted as the drag and drop feature offers professional templates to assist you. The IM Creator packages are free and, in most cases, most of the website builder users use the second level domain. This website builder is also good for your small business as it makes regular updates on the selected updates so your business will always have a new fresh look on the site.

Top Features

  • Store Builder
  • Update on the go
  • Scalable
  • SEO & Webstandards
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Just like the IM creator, the Sitey also gives you a platform to make professional websites at free cost and requiring no special knowledge. There are different accounts created on this website builder with each free account coming with its 50MB free of storage, 5MB free upload of your file and 1GB worth of bandwidth.

Top Features

  • 100’s of Designs
  • SEO Tools and Site Stats
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Set Up a Shop
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Web starts website builder provides a platform for you to get your small business going online and gaining popularity. This website builder comes with unique designs which you can comfortably use to make your unique presentable layouts as it comes with a unique design which is easy to use. This website also includes a free version of 10MB of storage for a five-page website.

Top Features

  • Mobile Ready
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Online Store
  • Hosted Video
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All the above website builders are best when you are thinking of getting your small business online attracting new customer and causing huge traffic on your website. Reading through this article, you will learn the basics of what you need to incorporate in your website to attract a huge following and increase your sales to greater heights. Among the above website builders, the best website builder that will give you that profession look you want for your website for your small business to grow is the hpage website builder. In ranking the best website builders, we rank hpage on top of the list because of the many benefits and unique aspects they have put in place.

You can identify a website builder like the Wix which you can comfortably use on your mobile phone without making any changes on your desktop version. You can build your small business website within the shortest time after choosing the best type of website builder for your small business.