Creating the best WordPress site involves a lot for you to get the best themes for your WordPress site, hosting and widgets are also important considerations to make. Among all the requirements required, there is one fundamental requirement you should pay keen attention to for you to get your WordPress site working efficiently and having high traffic due to many customers visiting your site.

These requirements are the fact that you have to find the best search plugin. There are several search plugins available for WordPress, but one type of search plugin you must pay key attention to is the iSearch plugin.

Reasons why you need a search plugin for wordpress

There are two reasons why it is very crucial to have a search plugin for your wordpress. These two reasons are:

  • 1. To enhance the better experience for the user.

Search plugin helps your WordPress site user to quickly filter contents when they are typing in the search box. As a site owner, you should make sure that anytime a visitor logs in to your account, you take charge and display all the relevant pages the visitor requires.

This act will ensure that the user will stay long on your site and he or she will recommend your site to other people. So, search plugins help you as a WordPress site owner to help your users find the specific information they require on your site.

  • 2. Help reduce bounce rates

Having the best search plugins will automatically help you in reducing cases where your site rates are not attractive to your users.  For your site to get high rates from users or visitors, it will mean that your WordPress search engine or your search plugins are in place and working effectively.

The best Search Plugin for your WordPress Website

The best search plugin which will never disappoint you at any given time is the iSearch pro plugin.

The iSearch plugin is the advanced search plugin used for WordPress sites to help the users to quickly filter contents in a WordPress site immediately they start typing the search text of their choice.

iSearch on Envato (29$) | Demo: Front-End | Admin | Documentation

Reasons to choose the iSearch Plugin for your WordPress Site

  • One dominant reason is that ISearch plugin enables any user who visits your WordPress site a chance to find contents quickly.
  • The ISearch plugin also helps users to find relevant pages they want like tour sites.
  • Using the Search plugin will enhance your users experience hence trigger the users to recommend your WordPress site to other people who in the long run will lead to high traffics in your site.
  • Using the ISearch plugin gives you the power to search smart because of the presence of the autocorrect feature
  • Saves you a lot of time you would otherwise take to type your search text because it has the autosuggestion feature.
  • Using the ISearch plugin will allow you to search even in attribute values like searching for EAN, ISBN.

Features of the iSearch Plugin for WordPress

  • Comprises of search terms suggestions
  • Compatible to all themes
  • Provides search by 23 distinct criteria
  • A high presence of multi-lingual support (WPML & Polylang ready)
  • Has a responsive string design
  • Has an already installed autocorrect feature
  • Has an option for default sorting inbuilt feature
  • Automatic suggestion feature in place
Read more about iSearch on Envato

Other search plugins you can use for your wordpress site

They are also other search plugins available, but their efficiency cannot be compared with the iSearch pro plugin as it is the best. These other search plugins are:


This type of search plugin for your WordPress site is easy to use, and it gives relatively accurate results when the customer is searching for contents in your site. This search plugin allows visitors to search some keywords, contents they like, find comments about their search and also tags.

When you activate the SearchWP, the plugin will change your old search engine and replace it with the default search engine in your word press. With the SearchWP plugin, you can easily create supplemental search engines which will only allow your users to search particular parts of your website. This type of search plugin will help you in determining the amount of weight you allocate to each type of content searched on your WordPress site.

Official Website (Pricing: 79$ – 299$) / Video (Demo)

Swiftype filter plugin

You can get this plugin for free. Once you activate to this search plugin, your default WordPress plugin will change to the switype plugin. This search plugin allows you to easily monitor the actions of your users in the WordPress site. Once the user visits your site, you can what the user was searching for because it is automatically saved on your site, what specifically they clicked on in your WordPress site.

Swifttype WordPress Plugin (free download) | Official Website (Pricing: 79$ – 1999$)

Custom Google search

Google search gives you the platform to search any content you want and while on the search box, it gives you options of related to what you are searching. With the customized Google search plugin, you have the freedom to create your google search engine for your specific site and easily integrate it into your WordPress. The only disadvantage that comes with this search plugin is the fact that the personal google brand will appear on your WordPress site.

WP Google Search Plugin (free) | Custom Google Search (official Website)

General: Taxonomy filter search plugins

This type of search plugin works best when your WordPress site is set to allow users to access specific categories in your site, tags, and different types of taxonomy contents. The taxonomy filter search plugin in most cases uses Ajax WP Query to lad results when the vaster is typing the search text. This plugin feature will help you in enhancing the visitor’s experience especially those who search for taxonomy contents.

A Good Example: Search & Filter (Free Plugin)


The isearch plugin is the best search plugin you can use for your WordPress site. With ISearch plugin, you will enhance your users or visitors experience on your site because as your users type the search texts in your site, the autosuggestion and autocorrect feature will help them get results faster saving them time. Based on the high-quality features and the many benefits associated with the ISearch plugin I highly recommend the ISearch plugin to every website owner.